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A Message from Chanda V

Power House Coach, TEDx Speaker, Lawyer, Community Advocate, Mother, Daughter


am an intuitive navigator of breakthroughs and a powerhouse for personal growth. Living freely in laughter and creativity, I coach with an enthusiasm that empowers my clients to make sense of the confusion, bring it to order and open the door to possibility and solutions. Since 2015, I’ve been helping my clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life. Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. I am here to help my clients achieve a more positive outlook on life, and provide them with all the tools necessary to get them there. Let me help you learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals. People ask why I would give up a career in law to become a life coach. The cheesy easy answer is that it's my passion. But the truth is...this work sets my life on fire. There is nothing in this world that hurts more than feeling powerless in your own life. Having your dreams within inches and the results still miles away. Yet we are the only ones who can change it and it starts from the inside out.  I am a champion for change.  I partner with my clients showing them how having a deep connection to themselves can not just empower them but also allows them to see the results they're desirous of having.  Every day I get to meet and work with incredible people who are up to amazing things.  People who are committed to living their mission statements and setting their lives on fire.  And I get to be a part of that. With every life that is transformed to be lived on purpose, full of meaning and satisfaction, the engery is forwarded on and the world becomes a better place to be in.  That's why I do this!


  • Queirra, Washington D.C.

    "Chanda is a powerhouse coach that has mastered the balance between authenticity, boldness, love and play. Her refreshing style brings lightness to the toughest subjects while challenging her clients to think harder and feel deeper. Having her support as a fellow coaching colleague has left me with a lasting relationship of strong support and sisterhood. I recommend Chanda without question"

  • Patrick, Maryland

    "Chanda combines the right amount of patience and understanding with energy and optimism. Not only was she able to help me work towards some of my long standing goals, but she was able to help me through some very unexpected personal setbacks in a way that allowed me to process and learn from those experiences. Chanda is encouraging and supportive and has a great sense of humor, all of which are excellent and necessary requirements in a life coach. I highly recommend Chanda as a coach."

  • Desi, North Carolina

    "When I think of working with Chanda I think of the personal power I've gained in her presence. Her coaching has supported me in taking chances, being bold, and taking a closer look at all aspects of my life. She encourages compassion, self-love, and lighting a fire for growth. She's not afraid to say what I need to hear, and I appreciate her honesty and dedication. Chanda fans a flame in my life, and I know the shifts I've had are because of our work together. She has a gift for this work, and I am excited to continue our work together."

  • Annick, Cayman Islands

    "It was a fantastic coaching experience with Chanda! Her patience and calm manner really helped me further develop my leadership skills. She was also great at asking questions that pushed me think deeper and clearer on the issues I personally wanted to resolve."

  • Valerie, Cayman Islands

    "Chanda is a wonderfully non-judgmental, no-nonsense, and supportive coach who brings out the best in her clients so they can live life to their fullest. When I worked with her, she posed questions and provided exercises that made me think more deeply than I am accustomed to, and she pushed me beyond my comfort zone in order to grow immensely in only a few months. While working with Chanda I improved my family relationships, honed my leadership skills, wrote a book, and gained more clarity around my passion and direction in life. I would highly recommend Chanda to anyone seeking a coach!"

  • Jeana, Cayman Islands

    "My coaching experience with Chanda was second to none. Her ability to encapsulate my sometimes rambling thoughts into meaningful language and feasible action plans was most supportive. She was always able to competently navigate that fine line of becoming overly personally committed, always retaining a highly professional stance. I still utilize in practical ways today the powerful tools and techniques that she taught. I certainly recommend her without hesitation."

  • Anika

    Having Chanda as my coach was such a great experience. She is warm, welcoming, nonjudgmental and one of the things that I appreciated the most was her ability to recall all of our sessions which helped me to see big picture themes in my life. It was especially important for me to have a coach as I prepared for the Miss Universe pageant. And I was so fortunate to have Chanda. She helped me get through moments when the pressures were high and training got tough. With Chanda, you will feel such a great sense of accomplishment as she helps you navigate the stormy waters of life."