“Your perspective will either become your prison or your passport”

~ Steven Furnick ~

I remember the first time I said “Happy Monday!” to a co-worker. He halted in his tracks as if I’d just insulted him then replied,  “Wow, no one ever wished me happy Monday before but thanks, I guess.” Then he sped off as if to get as far away as possible from the crazy person.

As I witnessed more and more of the TGIF culture, I saw how bad the Monday blues could be for some. The worst-case was a friend describing how he hated Monday so much that he would get anxiety attacks from Sunday evening.

Really, what had Monday done to get such a bad rep? The popular answer, a dirty four-letter word; “work, work, work, work, work!”

Monday for many is the beginning of what feels like a 5-day indentured servitude. Now, if Mondays meant doing a different dirty four-letter word, arguably they would be much more enjoyable. Instead, you’ve perhaps resorted to being a weekend junkie, living on that temporary high that sets you free on Friday at 4:59pm and fades as soon as Sunday evening rolls around.

I hate to break it to you but if you’re just living for Friday you’re nowhere near being alive. So, short of quitting your day job, here is how you can reinvent your relationship with Mondays in 5 easy steps!


You can’t change a damn thing in your life unless you have a good reason. This might be so you can really enjoy your Sunday free of anxiety or start your week off on a more productive note. Whatever the reason, it must be valuable for you. Why would you want to have a great relationship Monday?


Yeah, yeah it’s the weekend and understandably you want to suck up every last drop of the goodness but however will you face the powerful possibility of a new week while fighting a two-day-old hangover or the resentment of not getting enough downtime. So instead of running yourself ragged on parties, errands and chores up to the eleventh hour try adding some self-care to your Sunday.  Implement a Sunday night routine that makes you feel good and allows you to start winding down at a decent time, so you can be refreshed and ready to start the week. Imagine how you’ll feel when everyone else is struggling and on their second cup of coffee while you’re bubbling around owning your day.  What Sunday routine would allow you to relax and feel refreshed?


The majority of us are on the same hustle and flow getting stuck in the same traffic, fighting for the same parking spaces or seat on the train, waiting in the same line at the coffee shop. As far as Monday goes this might mean everyone’s dragging their feet a little bit in which case the path of least resistance could be getting out much earlier.  Imagine how it would feel like to have no traffic, no lines, prime parking, and extra 30 minutes to settle in before the chaos started.  How different would your day be?


Mondays will undoubtedly be awful if all you have to look forward to is traffic, meetings and a pile of emails to catch up on. So why not change the narrative. Try making Monday your cheat meal day or plan a fun activity like movie night, basketball game, happy hour or a class you’ve been wanting to try.  What would make you really look forward to Mondays?


Gratitude is the easiest way to change your relationship with anything.  You will hate anything if you only focus on the negative about it.  Equally so you can fall in love with anything if you focus on the positive. Try ending you Monday by listing 5 things that you are grateful/thankful for. It can be anything. Do this every week without repeating anything on your list and watch your Mondays bloom. What are you grateful for this Monday?

Have a Happy Monday!